On the subject of Sit/Lie and Stand/Snack [Hat tip: Demogreen], Chuck Nevius for one is *very encouraged* by a recent shift he's seeing in cracking down on chronic inebriates, repeatedly offending urchins, and minor-infraction-type criminals who drain the city of resources. "There isn't any question what the majority of San Franciscans would choose," he writes. "The city's urine-soaked streets, aggressive panhandlers and sidewalk campers have appalled tourists and neighborhood residents for years."

Well, speak for yourself and your ilk, Nevius. Though not many will come forward in favor of urine smells, there was some pretty vocal opposition to Prop L, so at least those people don't count themselves among the "appalled." Anyhow, Chuck goes on to say "kudos!" to Bevan Dufty and Christine DeBarry in the mayor's office for trying to stand up against the futile and "byzantine" bureaucracy surrounding citations and repeat offenders who fall through the cracks. And lest you think he wants all the crazies and street-urinators locked up with keys thrown away, he says, "The idea is to get them into a program." He just wants to get them the help they need, you see, and to make sure they damn well take that help and prove, finally, that they have been helped! Because with a little bit of help, and some programs, we can clean up this godforsaken town! You tell 'em, Chuck. [Chron]