Last week we called your attention to this gentleman who used his two minutes of public comment at the Board of Supervisors meeting to creep us out and predict Judgement Day for February 9th, 2011 based on whatever formula he just came up with the Dead Sea Scrolls or something. He has obviously captured our attention ever since we started gluing ourselves to SF Government TV a couple weeks ago, but as SFist commenter jbwinste pointed out, this guy is no stranger to these meetings around the Bay Area.

Acting on that tip, we dug up footage from a 7-hour long San Jose City Council meeting on April 27th of this year. (Don't worry, we edited it down to the important part, embedded below.) Besides learning that the capital of Silicon Valley allows a generous three minutes of speaking time in their "Open Forum" section, we finally found our man tucked in at the end just before the City Council takes their recess.