Okay, this might not be exciting for those of you who hail from Britain or Canada, but that's because you've been living in Candbury heaven. See, English candy is treat not to be missed, especially for those of us here in the states, those of us forced to enjoy the waxy offerings of Hershey's. We don't see the ample, more common, and far better tasting treats found across the border. Fortunately, Fiona's Sweetshoppe has as bevy of sweet treats that will please a big crowd or a hungry stocking.

What do they have, you ask? For starters, the tiny shop near Union Square carries Aero Bars (filled with air bubbles!), Nestle's Little Rolos (like regular Rolos only precious!), Kinder Buenos (milky goodness that's popular in Germany!), Curly Wurlys (we don't know what they are, but they sound fun!), Violet Crumbles (taste like honey!), Wunderbars (if God's angels were slaughtered and pressed into candybar form, they would taste like this!), and more.

If you're a strict 60% cacao kind of artisan candy eater, beat it. We don't want your kind here, anyway. However, if you savor the megalne of milk chocolate, caramel and other factory-developed flavors, be sure to check out Fiona's.

They also carry a wide variety of hard candy. Meh.

Fiona's Sweetshoppe
214 Sutter (at Kearny)
Mon-Sat 11 am - 7 pm; Sun 1 pm - 5 pm