With 38 arrests since 1979, and three in the past month alone, 50-year-old Arturo Pleitez is the SFPD's least favorite inebriate. In a fun crime report on the Examiner, Mike Aldax details Pleitez's many arrests, including 13 charges of assault on a police officer and one for committing battery on emergency personnel. Not to mention the other various assault, domestic violence and robbery charges.

So the police must have been well-acquainted with him when they responded to his latest disturbance on December 6th at the Attic in the Mission - a bar he was previously banned from for harassing the establishment's female bartenders. When a bouncer called the cops, mayhem ensued:

Pleitez was hiding in the bathroom, clutching a glass mug. He cussed out the officers and threatened to smack them with the mug, police said.

The slurring Pleitez continued to grapple with cops outside, and tried to spit on an officer before he kicked him in the face, police said.

After the incident at the Attic, Officer Brent Dawson (who had the task of wrangling the Pleitez into the back of his Crown Vic) was understandably fed up and decided to highlight the drunkard's lengthy record by including every arrest from the past 30 years in his report. SFPD was a little fuzzy on how much time he's served, if any, saying it's probably "a year here or a year there." Dawson was also unable to include any incidents that occurred outside of San Francisco because Pleitez's California criminal history record was "too large for electronic review." Of course it was. That's your abusive boyfriend, San Francisco.