By Daisy Barringer

Well ladies and gentleman, there you have it: 2010 San Francisco 49ers, a complete disaster and total disappointment. I honestly thought I’d figured out a way to rein in my emotions when it came to this catastrophe of a football team, but it only took the Philip River’s touchdown pass to Vincent Jackson on the fourth play of the game to prove that was not the case. Within minutes of the first quarter, I was pretty sure I hated my life, I hated your life, and most of all, I hated the entire 49ers organization.

The 49ers had a lot to prove in last night’s game. They had to prove they’d made the right decision to return to Alex Smith at quarterback. They had to prove this coaching staff had learned from its countless mistakes. They had to prove they could beat a playoff caliber team. They had to prove they could actually pull off a non-losing season two years in a row. They had to prove they deserve to be in the playoff hunt. They had to prove they were winners. And they had to prove it while in the national spotlight on a Thursday night.

Instead, all they proved was that they’re truly a terrible football team.