A few residents in all-that Oakland neighborhood Temescal have helped appeal a decision by the Oakland Planning Commission who approved the rebuilding of a McDonald's spore at 4514 Telegraph Avenue. According to Christopher Waters and Rebecca Saltzman, who helped helmed the anti-McDonald's vitriol to the tune of $1,400, the McGriddle haven will cause all sorts of, ahem, traffic congestion. Check it:

The project as approved would be an even more auto-centric building than the existing structure. The building meets neither Telegraph Avenue nor 45th Street. Instead, the drive-through lane will run almost the entire length of the Telegraph Avenue side of the lot. This means the building is separated from the sidewalk by the drive-through lane. The pedestrian entrance will be at the back of the building opposite the Telegraph Avenue side. Expanding the drive-through facilities and hours will entrench the dominance of automobiles in this area and serve as a deterrent to long-term revitalization goals.

They also cite blatant disregard for aesthetic urban design and pedestrian safety, or lack thereof. What they don't say? Is that, most likely, they don't want scenes like this playing out in the chicly budding neighborhood.

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