Over the weekend, we spotted several reports of a second seagull freed from the clutches of the Budweiser-loving bird-hater. This particular gull was befriended by a neighbor close to San Francisco State University who fed it daily until rescuers were able to capture the bird with a net. No word, however, on whether that net was launched from the awesome-looking net-launcher device that WildRescue put on their Holiday Wishlist.

According to Bay City News, WildRescue estimates there at least three more collared gulls around the Bay Area based on reports they've received since the news broke back in November. Any new sightings should be reported to WildRescue at (831) 429-2323 or emailed to [email protected].

After the jump, WildRescue's video of the now-free gull taking flight on the SFSU campus.