So, Berkeley really enjoys getting under the craw of Fox News and their ilk, much like San Francisco does, but we'd like to think our Board of Supervisors would think twice before declaring that Pfc. Bradley Manning is an 'American hero' for leaking that trove of classified documents to WikiLeaks. The City Council will be voting on the vanity resolution that says just that on Tuesday, and they will be much discussed as assholes on conservative talk shows until then.

Say what you will about freedom of information and what-have-you, Manning's actions (and WikiLeaks') seem less about saving lives or protecting freedoms than about getting notoriety for a big stunt that embarrasses people and makes diplomacy even more tense.

As a veterans' spokesman tells FoxNews (who else?), "Manning not only compromised American interests across the globe, but he has blood on his hands for our Afghan allies sought out by the Taliban from the first leak." And he sort of menacingly says Berkeley would "wise" to vote down the measure.

Anyway, whatever, Berkeley. This is so high school.

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