Laura Beck's bi-weekly installment of vegan dishes worth creaming your culinary pants over.

Pecan Bourbon Sorbet at Scream Sorbet

Scream Sorbet recently opened a store front in Oakland’s Temescal district and we’re very happy campers as they are complete magicians with dairy-free treats. The Pecan Bourbon is made with just pecans, sugar, Bulleit bourbon, and some sea salt, so the complexity they achieve is kinda insane. It tastes like the boozy holidays, a nice alternative to getting shit-faced at a holiday dinner and setting your entire family on fire. Happy Holidays!

Key Lime Pie at Cafe Gratitude

We know, it sucks and you hate it and you’d rather have sex with Star Jones with the lights on than eat here, but just listen: the desserts are good. Really, really good. The things they can do with cashews and coconuts is beyond us. Seriously, how do they do it? The Key Lime Pie is our favorite; it’s tangy and creamy and fluffy and perfect. If it were legal to marry a pie, we’d do it. But since shit moves so slowly, it probably won’t be legal for another 50 years.