On Dec. 10, the Mission will host its third annual Mission Block Party "for a night of parties, art openings, sales, events and general holiday merriment" for residents. This year the Mission Holiday Block party will help support Tipping Point Community -- a local non-profit that helps educate, employ, house and support nearly 150,000 needy Bay Area folks -- with a raffle.

Participating businesses? Glad you asked. A few noteworthy brick and mortars: Candystore Collective (3153 16th Street), Needles & Pens (3253 16th Street), The Curiosity Shoppe (855 Valencia), Five & Diamond (510 Valencia), Dave Eggers' History Museum of Writing & Tenderness (826 Valencia), Artist Xchange (3169 16th Street), Paxton Gate (824 Valencia), Paxton Gate Curiosities for Kids (766 Valencia), Dog Eared Books (900 Valencia), Elixir (3200 16th Street), Mission: Comics & Art (3520 20th St. Ste B), Mission Bicycle Company (766 Valencia), Little Star (400 Valencia), Good Vibrations (603 Valencia), Glama-Rama (304 Valencia), Community Thrift (623 Valencia)., & more.

Really, this is a phenomenal time to get your relatives and/or loved ones that perfectly unique gift. Find out more at GetLocalSF.com.