Yes, we know, some of you think Ike's is overrated and others of you think Ike's is the bomb. Feel free to continue fighting this out. In the meantime, please be advised that Ike's current arrangement in which they're making sandwiches during the day out of the kitchen at Lime may be coming to an end in the new year if they gets approved to move over to the former Joseph Schmidt's Chocolates space at 3489 16th Street. Yes, that would be right up the street from their former digs.

Owner Ike Shehadeh tells Eater that they'll move in on January 2nd, pending an approval from Planning on December 16th, thus bringing to an end the clash of cultures between the mostly LGBT, alcohol swilling evening crowd at Lime and the mostly straight and carb-loving sandwich fiends who've been queuing up at the bar for Ike's. [Eater]