40-year-old Lloyd Harris, who was wanted under two local warrants for domestic violence as well as by U.S. Marshals for a probation violation, attempted to flee from police yesterday evening by first shoving someone out of an SUV, then trying to carjack a nice lady's Cadillac on Highway 4. Harris was riding in the back of an SUV when he was spotted by police, who tried to pull over the SUV. They watched Harris shove another dude out of the car, and then the SUV dumped him out in the middle of the freeway. Traffic was slow (this was around 6 p.m.) and he went up to a couple of cars banging on windows and trying to get people to open their doors. He then tried to carjack a red Cadillac belonging to a Discovery Bay woman, at which point cops tackled him to the ground. Great plan, guy. [CC Times]