Yesterday's Halloween Candy Showdown semifinals proved fatal for some, victorious for others. In the Chocolate/Caramel/Coconut/Peanut Butter/Nougat category, sweet-on-salt tastes proved too irresistible for readers. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups creamed the competition after puling in 26% of the vote. Twix came in second with 16% of voters choosing the cookie, caramel and chocolate snack. (Why was Twix so popular comapred to, say, Snickers? Well, for starters, there are two bars in a package. And chewing off all the caramel on a Twix bar prior to eating the cookie is as satisfying as pulling clear plastic film off a new remote control. Ah.)

The Fruit category was frighteningly close. Starbursts led for most of Tuesday, but Nerds came from behind last night to win with 15%. You kids clearly enjoy the bight, sugary snap of fruitiness over wrapped, waxy squares.

Speaking of waxy, a remarkable 50% of you enjoyed wax lips (as much as wax-based Halloween candy can be enjoyed) over juice sticks and Nik-L-Nips.

And finally, candy corn (made from sugar, sugar, corn syrup, and Fondant) received 47% of the vote in Miscellaneous. Baked good finished a distant second. And a handful of pennies received a mind-boggling 22 votes. Strange.

Choose your favorite Halloween candy below. Poll closes at noontime on Thursday.