San Francisco Pride Executive Director Amy Andre vacated her post this week after it came to light that multiple non-profit groups who ran booths at this year's Civic Center celebration were owed $46,000. The official word from the Chron is that Andre, who was only hired earlier this year, misunderstood what they were owed, and this indebtedness is now being added to a nearly six-figure operational deficit that the organization is already facing.

But now gay supervisors Bevan Dufty and David Campos have asked the city controller to "assess the organization's needs," and meanwhile an anonymous source tells SFist that SF Pride board members are pulling in six-figure salaries and Amy Andre is just a scapegoat. "There is no reason SF Pride should be in the hole. They have huge sponsors," says the source. "And this thing about the non-profits who work the event, this is nothing new. The Board basically just hired her because she promised they wouldn't be fired." Andre's predecessor, Lindsay Jones, left in 2009 amid a fair amount of organizational strife.

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