The Big Daddy of all Democrats, Bill Clinton, was here over the weekend, giving his 83rd stump speech of this election season and trying to convince the Democratic base that there's reason for hope. This was at a rally for Congressman Mike Thompson in CA's 1st Congressional District (which includes most of Napa, part of Sonoma, and all of Humboldt and Lake Counties), where Democrats outnumber Republicans by 20%. Speaking about the many people who came out to vote for the first time in 2008, Clinton warned "They don't know that everything they voted for two years ago can be wrecked by not voting this time."

He followed up his Napa appearance by heading down to San Jose State last night to tell all the kids to get on the Faceplace and get their friends to go out and vote.

We'd like to hold out hope that a few appearance by good old Bill can save the House and Senate from returning to Republican hands, but things are pretty grim. Watch ABC 7's clips of Bill below.