At last night's victorious playoff game, a mini brouhaha went down in McCovey Cove, drama that started in September after a pro-Johannes Mersherle hoisted up during a Giants game.

SFist commenter hillarys_quivering_lip, who was at last night's game, explained just what happened:

Another sailboat arrived during pre-game ceremonies and produced a MASSIVE "Justice for Oscar" sign that was so large it literally obscured the boat it was hoisted upon. The "Johannes" yacht, or whatever, conspicuously stayed further out towards the bay without the signage unfurled.

An excellent move by nautical Oscar Grant supporters -- that is, until Team Mehserle pulled off a grand slam during the ninth inning. Behold:

It wasn't until the decisive 9th inning that the "Johannes" boat made it's appearance - right next to the "Oscar" boat...uh, awkward? And then unfurled it's *new* sign which read "FREE JOHANNES MEHSERLE!" I guess someone hipped them to the fact that "Justice for Johannes Mehserle" wasn't exactly appropriate since he did have his day in court and all those details.

Well, it always nice to see Oakland make a prominent appearance at a Giants game. For those of you just tuning in: BART cop Johannes Mehserle was convicted in July of shooting and killing Oscar Grant on the Fruitvale station platform on New Year's Day 2009.

SF Appeal also has a breakdown of the situation.