We've got a pennant to catch here, people, so tonight's the night to stake claim at your nearest watering hole to watch the playoffs alongside other fans. Now more than ever we need our city' collective black-and-orange-wearing, beer-drinking, shouting-at-the-TV support. But where, exactly, should you go? Let's see:

Mission Mission mentioned Elixir (3200 16th Street) and the 500 Club (500 Guerrero), which both have "well-situated TVs in addition to that unique San Francisco vibe that makes you feel like you’re not in a sports bar." Also, there's always the Kilowatt for Mission viewing. Or, better yet, a number of bars along 24th Street will air the game.

In the Castro, you could head to Harvey's. Provided some sort of drag show isn't taking place, that is.

Check out Quiver at Epic Roasthouse (369 Embarcadero) if you're down by the waterfront. No bar in the city beats their unusually comfy seats.

The Inner Sunset's Blackthorn Tavern (834 Irving) will have it on their screens. They also have a smoking-friendly back patio.

Here in SoMa we have... well, there's AT&T Park, which would be ideal for obvious reasons. But since most of us are not Silicon Valley rich kids who gobbled up tickets 30 minutes after they went up for sale -- why yes, we are bitter -- there's Public House and Mijita (24 Willie Mays Plaza). Better yet, San Francisco's go-to sports bar Zeke's (600 3rd Street) is cheap and always bubbling over with hamburgers, numerous TV screens and drunkards.