The Mission's annual Dia de los Muertos (that's "Day of the Dead" to most of you who live in the Mission) celebration in November is in jeopardy this year. Mission Local explains: "The city this year eliminated the grant program that funds the festival of altars at Garfield Park during the annual Day of the Dead celebration, leaving organizers scrambling to come up with $9,000."

And who will come up with that money? You, ideally. “It’s a strong cultural touchstone event for the Mission,” event sponsor Marigold Project board member Kevin Mathieu told ML. “I think we’ll be able to raise money, but we’re really counting on community contributions. It’s not a tremendously expensive event."

If you'd like to chip in to see San Francisco's Day of the Dead celebration saved, you can make a contribution at DayOfTheDeadSF.

Below, a video explaining more.