The Civil Sidewalks folks have put together a little YouTube vid to support Prop L, the Sit/Lie orginance, featuring police chief George Gascon as well as a number of store owners and managers around the Haight discussing the problem of people camping out in their 'hood.

Megan Schinder, manager at Pure Beauty (1560 Haight Street), complains, "There's been people in front of my store just camping out, got their dogs, got their chickens... like chickens running around in front of my store..." She and others speak out in support of Prop L, because they are tired of cleaning up human feces and vomit. We would argue, however, just to play devil's advocate, that a sit/lie ordinance alone isn't going to solve the defecation problem.

The anti-L camp also have two websites, and Both feature this AP piece on the subject, which gives them the last word. "People come from around the world to see the artists, to see the musicians, to see the poets who hang out on Haight Street," Andy Blue of Sidewalks Are for People says in the video. "It's been that way for decades." We don't know how many of the kids out there we'd actually call "poets," but anyway, watch below.