Aside from a few vague Facebook messages sent to us that went nowhere, we do not know much about Michael Murphy, SF Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer's boyfriend. However, according to Grub Street, Richie Nakano, Hapa Ramen chef and linecook415 blogger, does. Allegedly. See, a bit of a he-said/he-said dust-up occurred over the weekend, complete with accusations of unprofessional shit-talking and other delightful behavior.

In part of a rant, Nakano fumes, "@curiousmikie And your attempts at intimidation by talking to my former boss about me? Because I criticize Michael Bauer? That's just sad."

For his part, Murphy claims, "@linecook Look- I don't know who you are really...just your tweets,many directed at me, you are not a victim,& you seem to want a fight."

Exciting stuff, folks. While Murphy's Twitter feed reads relatively tame, Violet Blue closely reflected Nakano's exact sentiments earlier this month.

Sounds like all parties could use a cold, stiff cocktail. Or five.