by Laura Beck

Sesame Meatless Chicken at Jasmine Tea House (3253 Mission)

Ah, Sesame Meatless Chicken, one of the reasons we get out of bed in the morning. The perfectly coated and deep-fried chunks of vegan chicken, slathered in a tangy yet spicy yet smooth sesame sauce. This stuff is like a party in your mouth meets a party in your pants and they all wanna do it with each other. We honestly believe that the sole reason our omnivore family members haven't disinherited us (we can be a handful!) is because if they do, we'll stop bringing this stuff across the bridge for them. True story. Also, this is where the Big Dog gets delivery from when he's in town*, and you're not better than the Big Dog.

Eggplant with Garlic Sauce at Burmese Kitchen (452 Larkin)

Damn, this place is good. AND CHEAP! Damn. They have a million tasty entrees but more importantly, there is never a two-hour wait (like some Burmese restaurants we know NOT NAMING NAMES Burma Superstar WHO SAID THAT!?) and it's sooooo cheap. You can feast like a king here on rainbow salads, tofu curries, and the wonderful Eggplant with Garlic Sauce, and still leave with enough money to indulge in whatever tenderloin indiscretions you enjoy. Perhaps that's why you'll catch our beloved shellacked mayor eating here? Or maybe he's just into complex curries? Whatever, we don't judge.