Contrary to bumper sticker ideology, shit doesn't just happen -- at least when it comes to the San Bruno explosion fire, that is. Concern and confusion, sparked by the natural gas explosion that tore apart the homes and lives of San Bruno residents on Thursday, has now turned to anger. After several residents allegedly contacted Pacific Gas & Electric concerning a possible gas leak, and that nothing was done after said reports, much ire is being directed at the notoriously shifty PG&E.

In SFBG's "PG&E's tragically misplaced priorities challenged," Steve T. Jones writes:

Now that the deadly gas explosion in San Bruno has been linked to internal company warnings that PG&E's 52-year-old line was dangerously in need of replacement and that it failed to heed customer complaints about smelling gas in the air for weeks before the explosion, it appears that the company could finally be called to account for its misplaced priorities.

State Sen. Mark Leno is calling a joint hearing into the matter before the Public Safety Committee, which he chairs, and the Utilities Committee. "The current leadership at PG&E has lost its way. Nobody is minding the ship,” Leno told the Guardian. He said that he's furious about the explosion and PG&E's shoddy safety record.

Speaking of Senator Leno, in part of a written statement released today, he vowed: