One day after California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown apologized to former President Bill Clinton for calling him a liar, Clinton has officially endorsed Brown for governor. "Clinton issued his endorsement in a statement to The Los Angeles Times, saying, 'I strongly support Jerry Brown for governor because I believe he was a fine mayor of Oakland, he's been a very good attorney general, and he would be an excellent governor at a time when California needs his creativity and fiscal prudence,'" reports Sacto Bee. Clinton went on to call Meg Whitman's latest attack ad "misleading."

But wait, didn't Clinton endorse Gavin Newsom for governor last year? Yes, but, according to Clinton, "I endorsed Mayor Gavin Newsom for governor before he withdrew and became a candidate for lieutenant governor because of his strong support for Hillary (Clinton) in the 2008 primary season and because of his impressive record of innovation and accomplishment...He can really help revitalize California as lieutenant governor."