Termed out District Supervisor Chris Daly has no plans to leave San Francisco high and dry. According to NBC Bay Area, the (in)famous District 6 Supe confirmed plans to buy and run Buck Tavern on Market Street (between 12th Street & Page) -- a former watering hole for many local online writers.

“I sat down and thought about it,” Daly told NBC Bay Area’s Joe Rosato Jr. "And ultimately decided that it would make sense to purchase a bar and grill."

Obviously, this is a brilliant, brilliant idea. For many reasons. We love the area, the bar itself, his name could draw a wildly mixed crowd, and we can only imagine Daly would pour us a strong Vesper. (Fingers crossed.) ”I can hopefully have a place where people of all political stripes, but especially progressives can come together to have a drink, have something to eat - talk about important issues,” he went on to say.

He's leaning toward the name "Daly's Dive" but that's not settled yet. Commenters, you know what to do.

Read all about it a NBC Bay Area.

Update: Daly was kind enough to offer the first 10 SFist commenters in this post (besides Daly himself, of course) a free drink. Which? Is pretty damn cool, folks.