by Laura Beck

Veggie Combo at Moya

Moya is so new they haven't even had a grand opening yet and we already can't get enough. It's the only Ethiopian restaurant in SOMA, and a very welcome addition. Moya is a woman-owned (you go, girl!) family enterprise and let us tell you, they knows what they're doing in the kitchen. The veggie combo is a massive plate filled with all sorts of deliciousness, from spiced red lentils to a carrot, potato, green bean combo that will blow your mind one more time. You scoop it all up with their freshly made injera bread. Bonus: an all-teff gluten-free version of the injera is also available and it's bomb— all tangy, spongy goodness! It's a little extra because teff is currently worth more than gold plated platinum but worth it. Ooh, and they have tofu tibs! And the Shuro, OMG. The $8 veggie lunch combo special means we'll be there often (read: Sayanora, suckas!).

Tofu Mole Burrito at Papalote

Some people are partial to the soyrizo, some people swear by the grilled veggies, but for our money, the tofu mole burrito is where it's at. It's rich, creamy, chocolaty, and absolutely delicious. Never mind the fact that Papalote isn't exactly autentico and the burritos cost as much as a college education. Screw it. It's the price we pay for our San Francisco-fied (read: white-ified) burrito happiness. Viva la Gentrification! Kinda!

Deep Fried Eggplant with Miso at Minako Organic Japanese Restaurant