Although The Bay Citizen, The Chronicle, and other outlets have reported that that sandwich shop in the Castro (the one that loves unwarranted media attention almost as much as making tasty food) is closing today, this doesn't seem to be the case. SFist pals Vegansaurus tell us that, no, Ike's will not shutter today.

Steve reports:

I’m standing at Ike’s Place for my final order, and Ike just came out and announced triumphantly, “we’re not closing!” So here we go. The landlord evicted the wrong entity: Ike and his mom, instead of the corporation named Ike’s Place. So, he gets a new day in court, on a technicality. And the sheriff agrees: a stay of execution!

So, there you have it. Ike's in the Castro will not close... today.

Update: SFist contacted Ike's and, once again, they're open for business until further notice. "It looks like we're pretty much open now...and gonna stay," said the friendly Ike's employee.