Bad news for all polyamorous bisexuals into S&M gear (and speaking of kooky local conventions): the Exotic Erotic Ball this October is relocating from the Cow Palace to the new Craneway Pavilion in Richmond. Why, you ask? Because it's prettier than the Cow Palace over there, right by the water, and they probably got a sweet deal. (The pavilion is part of the redeveloped former Ford Assembly plant on the Richmond waterfront.)

The ball is celebrating 31 years this year, with its humble beginning back in 1979 as a fundraiser for a nudist candidate for President.

Organizers will be running shuttles back and forth from Berkeley hotels (how many of those are there?), but for locals who don't want to drink, ball-gag, and drive, you're going to be shit out of luck after BART closes. And as NBC Bay Area points out, "depending on your costume, you might get some funny looks on the bus."