Over on the proverbial railroad tracks of the Mission, near 24th and Valencia, you will find a slew of local artists showing off their work tonight at 200 Yards, a "photography experiment conceived of and presented by Lightbox SF." (What is Lightbox SF? Well, according to the site, it's "a support system for emerging artists seeking help in marketing themselves to clients." Also, they work toward "creating a workspace and gallery that will house a select group of artists in an ideal creative space.") Tonight's show will feature "local photographers, the little details that make each block of San Francisco unique, as well as the merchants that give each neighborhood its character.

And tonight's show will boast the following photogs: Darwin Bell (regular SFist guest star!), Dan Brazelton, Dayman Cash, Armand Emamdjomeh, Jessica Fairbanks, Alicia Griffiths, Michael Kebbekus, David Klein, Aaron Scott, Kiffanie Stahle, Silvia Stocco, Trish Tunney, and John D White.

Anyway, the opening party is tonight from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. You should try making it. And, please, wear something nice. It shows you care. We'll still know how real you are if don't wear a t-shirt and flip flops. Promise. Oh, and if you can't attend tonight's reception, the entire exhibit will run through September 20th at Heart, 1270 Valencia Street.

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