The line, it has been crossed.

In an effort to keep San Franciscans healthy, the city is looking to ban toys in kids' meals under a new law proposed yesterday if, according to The Chronicle, the food contains too much flavor fat, sugar or salt.

"Our legislation will encourage restaurants that offer unhealthy meals marketed toward children and youth to offer healthier food options with incentive items or toys," cackled Supervisor Eric Mar, chief sponsor of the legislation. "It will help protect the public's health, reduce costs to our health care system and promote healthier eating habits."

Anyway, this obviously socialist regime-based legislation would not outright prohibit toy giveaways, "but limit them to menu items that meet strict nutrition guidelines." That is to say, "no single item could contain more than 200 calories or 480 milligrams of sodium. An entire meal could have no more than 600 calories." Which means: fruit, vegetables. Sob.

While the restaurant industry is calling this punishment for serving poison to kids, this just isn't the case.