In the hotly contest race for District 6 supervisor, Chris Daly has finally given his formal endorsement to longtime aide and former election campaign manager James Keys. "While there are many good candidates in this race," Daly tells Fog City Journal, "James Keys best represents what I’m about — social and economic justice for our City’s most vulnerable." Does that mean he'll also take up the torch of saying "fuck" a lot during Supervisors' meetings?

New York Times just profiled several District 6 candidates, casting established, progressive politicos Debra Walker and Jane Kim as the assumed frontrunners, but noting that they might split the progressive vote and leave the field open for a candidate like Keys (who happens to be gay), Glendon Hyde (a.k.a. drag queen Anna Conda), or Teresa Sparks, who despite being transgendered has been cast as the conservative in this race because of her corporate executive background, "a political development that perhaps could occur only in San Francisco."