Your super crowded and sporadic bus line just might get closer to the way it was before those nasty service cuts took place in May. (Unless the whole line was cut, of course. RIP, 26 Valencia and 4 Sutter, etc.) Newsom announced yesterday that SFMTA will restore more than 178,000 service hours across the city's transit system by September 4.

Apparently the agency was able to come up with $15 million in funding sources from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority and through "operational savings" by scaling back stand-by hours, or non-driving time, for operators, which means instead of drivers being off work and on pay status they will now be at work and driving a vehicle. (Good idea!)

The mayor, the Board of Supervisors, the city controller's office, and the SFMTA are also working on a plan to get Muni service back to full restoration by December 1, which will likely require up to $7 million in additional savings and revenues.