by Laura Beck

Hand-held Pies from Bike Basket Pies

In this war called life, you must pledge allegiance to either cake or pie. Actually, that's not true, we love both, but can you imagine if it were? Star-crossed lovers, gang fights, and straight-up race wars because of dessert preference? Disney should option this idea and pay us millions so that we can spend it all on Bike Basket Pies* as they are, by far, our most favorite vegan pie. Awkward transitions FTW! Bike Basket Pies is a one (super)woman enterprise and this lady knows from pie. Perhaps she was a pie in another life? All we know is that her pie could inspire love poems (if only we weren't so fat from eating them that we could lift a pen!). Our most favorite of all the marvelous pies has to be anything made with Daiya vegan cheese. Daiya is the first vegan cheese on the market that melts and stretches just like dairy cheese. That's the vegan holy grail, y'all. Bike Basket Pies are only available for online order and delivery or at one of the many events she sells at or generously donates to, including this weekend's SF Vegan Bakesale. We'll be there so everyone should stop by and get fat with us!

Vegetable Sabzi at Lahore Karahi