"If they don't approve the Target, my wife might go on a killing spree," jokes @laughinghyena13. "Watch out SF!"

This is the whimsical sentiment of many San Franciscans who, bombarded with tasty-yet-pricey artisan fare and DIY store-bought tsotchkes, wouldn't mind a little Goober Grape and 46-pack Tampex now and then. Last night, the (beloved) mega-chain held a meeting with residents regarding two new Target proposals: a store on Geary and Masonic in the vacant Mervyns space, another at the struggling Metreon Complex on Fourth and Mission.

Locals' main concern, according to ABC 7, was an increase in traffic. "Residents want bike and rideshare accommodations, more bus service at the busy intersection, and they want services that meet urban needs."

Seems reasonable. Other questions/suggestions raised at last night's meeting? These:

"Would you consider delivering since we have so many people who want to walk or use their bikes?" says San Francisco resident Kat Anderson.