Yesterday, Haighteration broke news that someone had used pesticide to kill tens of thousands of bees at the Hayes Valley Farm sometime between Monday July 19 and Tuesday July 20. The culprit(s) sprayed two colonies and attempted to douse a third.

Hayes Vally Farms wrote on its blog:

The thousands of bees that died immediately or rushed to the entrance for fresh air fell onto the screened bottom board and clogged up the entrance to the hive, making escape impossible for any of the other bees and turning each hive into a gas chamber.

Since then, SF Bay Guardian, who have photos of the dead bees, picked up the story.

It’s hard to imagine what was going through the perpetrator(s)’ heads. But whatever their motive, it seems there is a need for more education about bees in general and the vital role they play in pollination in particular—a role that helps produce one third of the world’s food supply.

Honeybees, after all, are dying at an alarming rate. A sad, sad story. Check out the video above to know more about the bees in question, or learn more at thebiologyspace.

No arrests have been made.

(Video: MovieGenius)