In what may be the first controversial/incendiary political protest to hit the streets of Walnut Creek, like, ever, organizers are gearing up for a rally in support of Johannes Mehserle and other law enforcement officers. The media love a conflict, and regardless of whether many anti-Mehserle, send-him-to-the-chair counter-protesters show up from the other side of the hills, this event will likely be covered on every local news outlet into the evening.

The rally kicks off at 2 p.m. and goes until 5, outside the Walnut Creek courthouse at 650 Ygnacio Valley Road. Bizarrely, organizers are dismayed that the media might be trying to cast their event in some sort of incendiary or racially motivated light. "No one believes that Mr. Grant deserved to be killed nor is anyone happy that this happened," they wrote in an email. "Oscar Grant's family and friends have lost someone that they loved. Johannes Mehserle's family, friends and fellow law enforcement officials have also lost someone they loved." Well, not exactly, kids. Mehserle's still got a pulse and, potentially, parole to look forward to. We'll be sure to let you know if sleepy Walnut Creek erupts into any shouty, riot-police-worthy, Sears-looting craziness.