Anthony Thomas Falco, who went by the made up moniker Brother Tom, is in custody in South San Francisco on $1.6 million bail after he was found (via Google) to have a seedy past that included failure to register as a sex offender in Minnesota, and a previous sex abuse conviction in Santa Cruz County.

As the Examiner reports, Falco had recently been up to his old tricks with a Daly City boy, inviting him into his home and fondling him under the auspices of belonging to some fictional religious order, until a family friend of the boy became rightly suspicious and began Googling the dude. (Where was the family in all this, we ask?) Daly City investigators looked further into his previous conviction, which involved dozens of instances of abuse of an Aptos boy in the early 90s while affiliated with a local Catholic congregation. He's set for a preliminary hearing in South S.F. Felony Court today.