Alas, another blow has befallen the tanned and toned socialists of Dolores Park. Much to the surprise of many, it seems, cars have been driving around the perimeter of their beloved park. According to SFGate/MIssion Local, these motorized vehicles have been employing the use of surrounding streets, whizzing by on tires made of vulcanized rubber while using nefarious combustible energy. No where is this obvious crime against nature more apparent than at 19th and Dolores, a T-shaped intersection that's a point of consternation with many park goers. And, well, with good reason: There's no stop sign. See, cars come jamming down Dolores at unnecessarily bitchin' speeds (which is understandable, since careening down Dolores after catching air at 20th is exhilarating), so a rinky-dink stop sign and some flashing yellow crosswalk lights would benefit the area. Greatly.

Visit SeeClickFix for more details and concerned commentary. Call 311 or visit @sf311 to demand a stop sign. OK? OK