Everything's coming up roses and daffodils for cyclists. (But don't tell that to cyclists; they like to believe they ride under Sobibor-like oppression from the man. Oh, relax. We're pulling your chain. Chain, get it? Shut up.) First, according to BCN (via CBS 5), bike riders pedaled one foot further to biking to Yerba Buena Island. See, the state Assembly Committee on Transportation "voted 8-4 Monday afternoon in favor of a proposal that would allow authorities to spend future Bay Bridge toll funds to construct a bike and pedestrian pathway for the western span of the bridge." A shore-to-shore bike/pedestrian path along the Bay Bridge?! Fingers crossed.

Secondly, Mission Mission spread word that Critical Mass had some sort of meeting in Dolores Park yesterday to plan Friday's ride. (Yes, it seems the not-so-spontaneous CM routes are planned.) Did anyone go? If so, fill us in on what went down. How was the route planned? Who leads these bike-y forums? Were wine and light appetizers served? We would've gone to learn more, but our driver considers the Mission district too sketchy for this tender petal. Alas.