A car fire just off the off-ramp of North 280 to Mariposa shutdown by the CHP this morning. According to SFist reader Shane Gilman, who snapped these images of the brief blaze that occurred at little after 10 a.m., it "[l]ooked like three people sent off to hospital."

ActionNewsSF reports, "2 passengers w/smoke inhalation" were treated.

Update: CBS 5 is now saying one person has been killed. A taxi passenger, is teems, died in the crash, which happened at 10:57 a.m.

"There is a stoplight at the bottom of the ramp and cars are forced to turn either right or left, but the taxi continued straight, smashed into a wall and caught fire," CHP Officer Shawn Chase explained to CBS 5.

Also, Chase went on to say that the cab driver had "told the deputies that there had been some type of mechanical failure and that the taxi wouldn't stop."