Don't blame it on the sunshine. Don't blame it on the moonlight. Blame it on the Bogeyman. The North Beach Bogeymen, that is. New San Francisco resident C.W. Nevius yanks his hair out today over an allegedly vicious group of homeless drunkards in Washington Square. Cretins who croon "How dry I am [hic!]" while intimidating the delicate flowers sunbathing in the park, terror like that.

A few examples of the bad behavior ruining the good times? Nevius cites brawling, drinking, loud talking, and most harrowing of all, Kiki the pit bull. (Yes, put bulls get the axe in another Nevius column. Poor little pooches.)

Nevius fumes:

It is the same scenario that has residents in the Haight pleading for city officials to pass an ordinance barring sitting or lying on public sidewalks. Sit/lie might not solve the problem here - it is a public park - but it could certainly help. No one, including bitter opponents of sit/lie, can argue that this is acceptable behavior.

What's more, Nevius calls upon John Wayne -- that dead, racist, faux-cowboy skidmark of an actor who has an entire airport named after him -- to help the beatniks of North Beach. And, well, we can only assume True Grit would've sided with the drunks.

But what say you, readers? How many times have you been raped and left for dead in Washington Square? Let us know the gory details in the comments.