Mayor Gavin Newsom expressed sadness and concern for those injured in last night's hit and run rampage that saw four cyclists injured in the Mission and Potrero Hill districts.

"I’m proud that San Francisco is one of the bike-friendliest cities in the nation and we work hard to keep our City safe for cyclists and pedestrians every day," said Mayor Newsom, in a written statement. "Cars and bikes share the road and must coexist. We will not tolerate violence or rage against cyclists or pedestrians."

Also, you shouldn't fear the road, rookie riders. It's still relatively safe. (Aside: your editor hasn't hopped on a bike since he was 15, admittedly, but this has prompted us to do a ride-along, or whatever it's called, with an experienced cyclist to know more. We'll probably blog about it. That is, if we survive!) "We are terribly saddened by this tragedy, but we must remember that San Francisco streets are safe and getting safer every day,” said Renée Rivera, Executive Director of the SF Bicycle Coalition. "Thanks to the City’s leadership, we’re seeing street improvements that continue to make streets even safer for everyone and are attracting record numbers of people riding bicycles, including older people, families and young children."

The suspect, who was driving a Nissan Rogue at the time of the attacks, is still at large. Again, anyone with information is urged to call the anonymous tipline at 415-575-4444 or by texting a tip to TIP-411.