It's unusual that, while Barack Obama had a "Kill Obama" Facebook page, we have yet to see a "Kill Bill O'Reilly" Facebook page. Because, you know, he sure does love to hate a lot of people, erroneously so. Take, for example, his most recent brain abortion when he compared gay folks with terrorists when looking at that gay McDonald's ad. After discussing the French ad, which features a lithe gay man looking as if he's about to come out to his father at McDonalds (which: WHAT), the aging FOX anchor quipped, "Do they have an al Qaeda ad, you know, come as you are? You know?"

Yes, Bill, we do know. You hate gay people. We got it. Loud and clear. Again.

Anyway, GLAAD is demanding a public apology from FOX, which won't happen, saying, "O’Reilly used the occasion to defame the LGBT community, suggesting that McDonald’s might begin marketing to terrorists simply because the company produced a gay friendly television commercial."