We're getting word of a possible bomb threat in Union Square this afternoon. KGO's Twitter reports: "We're getting conflicting information about a possible evacuation of Macy's dept store at Union Square." (My God, all of that perfume could go up in flames!)

Also, @ActionNewsSF says: "An officer says there was a bomb threat possibly to the Union Sq garage. Geary & Post Muni lines rerouted."

SFist tried calling Macy's for comment/confirmation, but, of course, no one answered. We'll update as soon as we know more.

Update 1:50: SF Appeal reports that the "Union Square area has been hit with a shelter-in-place order after a 'suspicious package' was found at Macy's." And, according to the super-friendly lady we talked to at Cheesecake Factory, "the building hasn't been evacuated yet."

Update 1:55: Places of non-interest we wouldn't mind seeing blown to bits: the INC section.

Update 2:00: CBS 5 now reports: "Macy's on San Francisco's Union Square has been evacuated following the discovery of a suspicious device."

Update 2:02: SFPD has issued an all-clear, says KGO. Whew.