Number of people pictured in today's "Miss Bigelow's Social City": 58

Minority count: 9

The help: 3

Who was celebrating what and where: A whopping $6 million was raised at the Poverty Has Met Its Match benefit (5/6) "by the supporters of Tipping Point in the fight against poverty in the Bay Area."

Getty vs Traina: 1 to 1 (Vanessa, Trevor)

Number of people whom we recognize: 7 - Daniel Lurie (Tipping Point founder), Gavin Newsom, Jack Dorsey, Trevor Traina, Jonathan Moscone, Bevan Dufty, Vanessa Getty

The scene: Fancy event at the Warfield (?!), one where Jack Dorsey sported casual attire. (Which: awesome.) The fete was all about feeding the hungry... while getting smashed. John Legend performed, Sergy Brin and his lucky wife donated $1 million. Shots were snapped.

Images of Our Lady of SFist, Vanessa Getty: 1

Images committing the grave sin of lacking Our Lady of SFist, Vanessa Getty: 22

Visibly homosexual: 2