by Joe Payne

Following in the vein of simple sidewalk hot plates and astute gourmet food carts, The Soup Lady at El Rio (every Thursday and Tuesday night) has brought an inventive and surprisingly filling take to the after-ten-drunk-food-economy. Rivaling Cancun across the street in not only taste but smell, her ten hour simmering soups promise to be a sobering experience for those of you downing a few pints.

While we cannot vouch for her vegetarian option, we can unequivocally say that her pot roast soup is grounding; a taste of sanity on a Thursday night. Like all meaty soups the secret ingredient is in the broth, and the Soup Lady was more than kind of enough to provide me with a whole cup to sip free of charge. We've never tasted anything so deeply refreshing or satisfying in the Mission on a Thursday night.

The Soup Lady
El Rio on Tuesdays and Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays
Veggie and meat options, pay what you can
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