Seriously, one of our favorite beats here at SFist is the kids-eating-marijuana-baked-goods-and-ending-up-in-the-hospital beat. (See also: the story of the fifth graders and the Fruity Pebbles bars.) The latest case of some high schoolers getting so ridiculously high from eating pot that they pass out on pavement and cause authorities to wonder if there's "something else" in the brownies besides pot comes from Hayward. Four students at Tennyson High School, including the kid who sold the brownies, were made "ill" on Wednesday after chowing down on (probably) entire brownies and not having any clue how effed up they were going to get.

Three of the kids were hospitalized, and the 17-y-o kid who sold the brownies faces criminal charges. Tests on the brownies proved they only had marijuana in them, and authorities confirmed that two of the kids had never gotten high before, so obviously this all came as a shock. Sure, they could have been lying. What they meant to say was, "Dude, I have never gotten that high before." [Oakland Tribune]