The road to hell is paved with good intentions, right? Right. Take for example, a 1998 congressional decision that requires the National Park Service "to put out for bid concessions with revenues of more than $500,000" in order to light a fire under the asses of crappy park concessionaires benefiting from "cushy rents and virtual monopolies." Well now, according to The Chronicle, Louis' Restaurant, the cozy 73-year-old restaurant on Point Lobos Avenue boasting jarring views of the ocean, might be put out to pasture due to this congressional stroke of genius.

See, the NPS now must put the concession out to bid. Which, as The Chronicle goes on to explain, "means the Hontalas family, whose sweat made the place the landmark that it is, will have to bid against strangers for the right to keep their own restaurant."

How can you help? Well, for starters, Jacquelyn Hontalas has created this petition. Please sign it. San Francisco cannot afford to lose another reasonably priced restaurant that serves basic-yet-tasty grub. We've had some of the best burger-and-fries moments of our life at Louis'. Have you? Yes? Well then, please sign the petition. Thank you.