Say what you will about The Chronicle, the gastronomes at Fifth and Mission know grub inside and out, period. Today some of The Chronicle's noted food writers reveal their favorite Bay Area dishes. While Chicken Joy at Jollibee was left off the list (sheer egregiousness), there are some true gems. Lynn Char Bennett likes the Mossabaha at Old Jerusalem Restaurant. Stacy Finz would like to binge eat Michael Mina's "deliciously decadent" lobster pot pie. Wine Editor Jon Bonné mainlines Verduno Pelaverga at SPQR and Perbacco whenever he has the chance. And dear Paolo Lucchesi temps the cavity creeps with a fondness for the caramels at Manresa. Michael Bauer, however, drops our jaw by fawning over the Jan Brady of In-N-Out: the single cheeseburger. "It's a secret indulgence," he coos. (The single cheeseburger, eh? Not the Double-Double? Damn you, Bauer, for you will never cease to fascinate and surprise.) Read the list in its entirety.