After an early morning shooting in the city's SOMA neighborhood, one person is dead and three others hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. The incident, which happened a little before 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, occurred at the intersection of Second and Minna Streets, near popular nightclub/art gallery 111 Minna. According to AP (via
SFGate): "The San Francisco medical examiner's office identified the person killed in the shooting as 26-year-old Blair Henderson of San Francisco." No arrest have been made.

Update: The Chronicle reports that "Henderson was shot as he and several of his friends went to retrieve their car from a parking lot near Second and Minna streets, according to accounts that Henderson's mother, Regina Mikell, heard from witnesses." Henderson was also "on parole in connection with a 2002 incident in which he and another man were convicted of assaulting a postal carrier and stealing his truck."