City Brights blogger Harmon Leon (ahem) poses the question of where to find the surliest and most outright rude barmen and barmaids around town. His answer: Zeitgeist wins, hands down, but he has choice words for a number of establishments.

To wit:

There's always the old, cranky bartender at Ha Ra Club in the Tenderloin. Carl--the bartender has kicked people out for playing pool too loud or ordering a margarita. ("We don't serve that fancy s**t in here!")...The Revolution Cafe also has some pretty classic mean San Francisco bartenders...

[But] the award for the all time meanest bartenders in San Francisco has got to go to the crew at the Zeitgeist [sic]. Besides scowling things like, "F-ing yuppies," if someone with a shirt with buttons orders a drink, there is always an unpleasant sort of life-has-kicked-them-in-the-nuts, unhealthy tweaker vibe when you when you try to order a drink.

As Uptown Almanac rightly points out, Leon's critique implies that all bartenders at Zeitgeist are meth addicts in addition to being surly assholes, and that certainly isn't fair.